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About Practitioner's Edge

Developed by Integrity Continuing Education, Inc., Practitioner’s Edge is an innovative, case-based, interactive initiative that provides learners with cutting-edge medical education. Live and online programs engage the practicing healthcare provider by linking discussion of the latest scientific data with its application in the clinical setting. The goal of each Practitioner’s Edge program is to empower the practicing healthcare provider with tools and education that may be utilized immediately in their daily practice, with the overall goal of improving patient care.

To that extent, the core of each Practitioner’s Edge program lies in the development of interactive video vignette case studies which appear throughout each live and online webcast program. In each vignette, a patient (professional actor) is filmed discussing a particular medical issue relevant to the program content. As each scenario is revealed, the faculty presenter(s) discuss the case with the audience to identify the optimal care plan for each patient.

The use of case studies offers learners real-world patient scenarios commonly seen in the clinical setting and serves as a catalsyt for rigorous discussion amongst healthcare providers.