Galvanize Therapeutics, Inc.

Galvanize is a leader in energy-based medical device technology that impacts biologic processes. With its innovative Aliya platform, the company is initially focused on chronic bronchitis, cardiac arrhythmias, oncology, and drug delivery. Galvanize is dedicated to transforming energy into therapy.

The RheOx® system for the treatment of the symptoms of chronic bronchitis consists of a proprietary electrosurgical generator and a single-use catheter. The minimally-invasive bronchoscopic therapy delivers short bursts of non-thermal energy to the airways in the lung to reduce the abnormal mucus-producing cells, leaving the extracellular matrix intact so that the epithelium may rapidly regenerate.

Gala Therapeutics recently merged with Galaxy Medical and Galvanize Therapeutics to form one premier Pulsed Electric Field company.

The RheOx system has CE certification. The RheOx system is an investigational device in the United States. Limited by Federal (or United States) law to investigational use.