Day 1: November 13, 2023
Hosted by GOLD, Temple Lung Center, and COPD Foundation

GOLD and COPD Foundation Patient Event

Check-in and Lunch
Patient Session 1
  • – Greeting & Introduction to the Event
  • – Medications: Which, Why and How to Use and Revise
  • – Managing Exacerbations: Awareness of Symptoms, How to Urgently Handle – When and Where to Seek Help
  • – Rehab: Why and in Whom, Active and Maintenance, Lab and Virtual
Coffee and Exhibit Break
Patient Session 2
  • – Oxygen/NIV – Why and Who to Use, Portable vs Stationary, High Flow, NIV
  • – Interventional Options for Patients with COPD
Exhibit Break and Product Theaters (Topics TBA)
COPD 360 Patient Reception
  • – Patient Networking Reception with COPD 360 Q&A
  • – Sponsored Learning Labs


Clinical Management for the COPD Practitioner: Pre-Conference Sessions

Check-in and Dinner
Dinner Symposium or Product Theaters (Topics TBA)
Clinical Management for the COPD Practitioner – Session 1
  • – Greeting and Introduction
  • – Risks of COPD: Smoking, Vaping, E-Cigarettes – Helping your Patients STOP
  • – Diagnosis: How to Diagnose, Stage and Implement Treatment in Patients with COPD
Exhibit Hall and Coffee Break
Clinical Management for the COPD Practitioner – Session 2
  • – LAMA, LABA, ICS, PDE4i, Triple, Dual, Double: Unraveling the Pharmacotherapy Knot
  • – COPD Exacerbation: If Not, What Else?
  • – Panel Discussion
  • – Adjournment
Sponsored Learning Labs