Integrity CE’s core learning interventions include the following delivery methods.

Live Programs

  • National Symposia
  • State Society Meeting Series
  • Regional Workshops
  • CME Teleconferences
  • Satellite Broadcasts
  • CME Television Episodes
  • T.E.A.M.SM (Team-based Education And Management) Initiative
  • Specialty-specific Training Program Grand Rounds
  • Regional Symposia
  • Expert Roundtable Initiatives
  • CME Faculty Preparation

Enduring Materials

  • Patient Video Vignette Case Study Activities
  • Archived Webcasts/Podcasts
  • Handheld Device Activities
  • Journal Supplements
  • Disease State Educational Websites
  • Print & Electronic Newsletters
  • eJournal Club Initiatives
  • Outcomes Assessments
  • Slide Kit Development
  • Patient Education Material

Innovative Learning Interventions

In order to provide healthcare providers with a varied and extensive offering of educational programming and enhance the learning experience of Integrity CE’s medical education programs, we have developed a number of proprietary, innovative learning formats as well as formed partnerships with external stakeholders in the medical education industry.

Patient Video Testimonials

Wherever possible, Integrity CE employs the use of patient video testimonials in its educational activities. Patient testimonials feature a skilled actor representing a patient with a particular disease or symptom complex discussing components of their medical issue that is applicable to the program content. Patient video testimonials are a valid and comprehensive method of medical education that directly focuses on the process of care provided in actual clinical practice

In addition to robust discussion and review of key scientific data, video testimonials provide attendees of educational programs with clinically relevant examples of patients that they may encounter in the healthcare setting and serve as a catalyst for rigorous discussion among a group of healthcare providers. Patient video testimonials can be used for diverse clinical settings, disease states, and healthcare provider audiences. Further, they serve to break down the “wall” between faculty presenters and audience members seen in most live educational programs. As such, an environment where all attendees are actively involved in a peer-to-peer setting is created and the learning experience is enhanced.

Achieving Excellence in Program Implementation

Integrity CE’s program management team prides itself on flawless implementation of medical education programs. It is our belief that there is no reason to expect anything less than perfection. Integrity CE’s experienced staff of program managers and implementation professionals have developed over 1,500 educational programs. This experience has provided us the ability to anticipate and proactively resolve conflicts or challenges in program implementation.

For more information on any of our program delivery methods or proprietary learning formats and educational partnerships, please Contact Us.